Devlin's Collision Centre is the local dealer for the KROWN Body Maintenance Program




Not all rust protection is created equal!

The KROWN product is specifically formulated for rust protection.

It actually lifts moisture and creeps into the inner metal seams and crevices for complete protection.

The KROWN product is more than just rust protection.

KROWN lubricates suspension, brake cables, power windows, power antennas and reduces door lock freezing.

KROWN's rust control system treats the vehicle's 2000 spot welds to maintain its structural integrity.



The KROWN product is also environmentally friendly. Containing no solvents or toxins, KROWN does not contaminate soil, harm our waters and lakes or poison our wildlife.


KROWN Protects

KROWN Lubricates KROWN Benefits


All Body Panels
Spot Welds
All Chrome
Cowl Assemblies
Headlight Pots & Adjusters
Transmission Case
Oil Pans
Sub-frames & Hidden Box Sections
Inner Framework
Wiring Connections
Computer Chips

Window and Door Mechanisms
Door Locks
Electrical Systems
Brake Cables
Linkage for Transmissions
Remote Mirrors
Door Hinges
Hood and Trunk Hinges
Reduces Friction on All Moving Parts
Power Antennas
C.V. Joints

Higher Resale Value
Decreased Repair Costs
Safer, Better Looking Vehicle
Longer Vehicle Life



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